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  • Interesting fact about this is that the web was created to be “stateless”. This is weird so bear with me as I try to keep this from being boring or (gasp) wrong. The way the web (as opposed to the internet which is like all the web is on the internet but not everything on the internet is part of the web ya dig?). So this World Wide Web thing was never designed to bother to remember an online “visitor” one page to the next. It was a different time. Just didn’t occur to those cats I guess. There’s probably a website about it or an interview. Later I might bother to look that up and link to it but I to finish this. So the bottom line is: in order for us to provide most of our services in a secure and feasably efficient manner is to use software that uses cookies because we can’t afford to reinvent the wheel. Nearly every company uses open source and third party software. That’s just pretty much life now. And all of this is only applicable in the United States. For now we can only operate in that region. But hello to any foreign folk! We hope to hear from you soon. Stay wonderful and hydrated you beautiful people.